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    • Setup of up to 25 companies for accounting.
    • Record and import of the accounting plan.
    • Record and import of VAT codes.
    • Record of cost centers.
    • Record any foreign currencies.
    • Setup of up to 99 account books (Cash, Bank, Post, WIR), also with foreign currencies.
    • Copy the master data from a company into a new company.

    • Record of individual entries.
    • Record of split entries, if you want to post the document on different accounts and with different VAT codes (e.g. Post documents: Letters without VAT, packages with VAT).
    • Saving and recalling of posting texts for entries that are often used.
    • Duplication of existing entries with the possibility to modify them before saving them (e.g. other entry date).
    • Display entries in tabular form with current balance.
    • Freely selectable presentation of columns, font and page size.
    • Display and print of posting journals.

    • Creation of a VAT invoice for itself or for net tax rates.
    • Creation and print of turnover lists with freely selectable date ranges.
    • Recapitulation after accounts, VAT codes or cost centers with freely selectable date ranges.
    • Creation of income/expenditure lists for the control of liquidity.

Data transfer and data security
    • Transfer of data to your trustee via email with a secure file.
    • Creation of a data backup based on multiple generations.
    • Simple import of data backups, if necessary.

Documentation and support
  • The complete manual can be called any time with the key F1.
  • Direct support email from AdmiCash with or without data backup in ZIP format.
  • Direct connection via telemaintenance from AdmiCash so that the support team can help solve malfunctions and problems.
  • Direct call of the AdmiCash homepage or the support page to get the latest information.
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