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    • AdmiCash-Debitor contains all of the functionality from the AdmiCash base version.

Attention: from 01.07.2020, only the QR-bill should be use.
In case you create invoices with loose, pre-printed inpayment slips WITHOUT ISR, no further conditions apply.
If you would like to invoice with ISR, the following arrangements have to be made:
    • Registration at the PostFinance or your bank for the ISR system.
    • Definiton of which ISR will be used: Loose ISR, pre-printed or ISR form A4 portrait format (blank, not pre-printed!).
    • Order of the forms at the PostFinance or the bank.
    • Verify, if the font OCR-B 10 BT is installed (Control panel - Font).

Form design
    • The forms for offer, delivery notes and invoices are created with a connected programme for design, called AdmiForm.
    • It provides the simple design of invoicing documents like ISR forms on A4 format and their assignment to the account book, where the receipts of payments are entered.
    • For printers with multiple feeders, it is possible to define in which one of them normal paper and inpayment slips are situated.
    • For ISR forms the reference line's position can be set on 1/10 mm.
    • Graphical elements like circles, ractangles, lines, images and tables are available.
    • Different options for the formatting of elements are available: Colour, borders, font and size.
    • You can create as many invoicing forms with different inpayment slips and for different discounts and languages as you like.
    • New forms for collective invoices can be created.
    • The language for customer forms can be set in the customer base.

Customer base, article base and documents
    • Customers can be recorded in the customer base or as you set up your forms (Offer, Delivery note, Invoice).
    • For each customer a history is created, where his previously used documents are stored.
    • Articles can be recorded in the article base or in a document (Offer, Delivery note, Invoice).
    • Different discount levels can be assigned to the articles depending on the number of items.
    • A separate entry account for discounts can be set for each article.
    • Each order can contain any number of documents (Offer, Delivery note, Invoice) summarized in a document group.
    • For the invoice of multiple delivery notes it is possible to create a collective invoice.
    • Another option is the manual entry of receipts of payments or with an ISR file into the assigned account book.
    • Finally, you have the possibility to move the order into the history after the receipt of payment.

    • For the form design program AdmiForm is supplied.
    • AdmiForm is called directly from AdmiCash (Order processing - Forms setup).
    • In AdmiForm a manual the instructions is included which can be called any time with the key F1.
    • Payment conditions and reminder charges as well as the according entry accounts are set in AdmiCash.

Documentation and support
  • The complete manual can be called any time with the key F1.
  • Direct support email from AdmiCash with or without data backup in ZIP format.
  • Direct connection via telemaintenance from AdmiCash so that the support team can help solve malfunctions and problems.
  • Direct call of the AdmiCash homepage or the support page to get the latest information.
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