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    • AdmiCash-Creditor contains all of the functionality from the AdmiCash base version.

    • AdmiCash-Creditor is designed for electronic banking. They therefore require appropriate agreements with PostFinance and/or your banks and the user information and security elements for e-banking login.

    • Record of payments in CHF and/or foreign currencies for all common payment types (IBAN, ISR, Post account, IPI document).  
    • Record of entries in one go as you collect the payment.  
    • Option to save frequently needed payments in the payment base where they can be called from any time.  
    • Fast record of payments with document readers and reading pens (Dative, C-Channel).  
    • Definition of payment conditions with the according entries.

Payment orders
    • Creation of payment orders with the option to add and remove payments.
    • Free choice in the payment institute when creating a payment order.
    • Recording and execution of standing orders for returning payments such as salary payment, insurance and rent.
    • Direct call of the e-banking or PostFinance site from AdmiCash for the transfer of a payment file.
    • Entry of a payment order into the according account book.

    • Display and print of pending creditors after invoice date, due date, name or currency.
    • Display and print the capital requirements list for the next 10, 30 and 60 for the liquidity planning.

    • Setup of multiple users for the different payment institutes
    • Assignment of a payment order to an account book.

Documentation and support
  • The complete manual can be called any time with the key F1.
  • Direct support email from AdmiCash with or without data backup in ZIP format.
  • Direct connection via telemaintenance from AdmiCash so that the support team can help solve malfunctions and problems.
  • Direct call of the AdmiCash homepage or the support page to get the latest information.
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