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AdmiCash installation on Mac

AdmiCash is a Windows application and can therefore not be installed directly on the Mac system. There are programmes, who offer an appropriate solution, so you can install Windows on your Mac in a first and any Windows application, like AdmiCash, in the second step.

Such programmes are for example Parallels Desktop 9, Vmware Fusion as well as some free software. Detailed reviews and test reports are to be found on the internet.

Please note, that free software often only looks efficient on first sight, but will consume a lot of time and energy for it’s complicated setup and use. AdmiCash GmbH does not assume any guarantee or support for the use of such software.

Dual-Boot-or virtualization software can be found with keywords such as:
  • Parallels Desktop 9
  • Vmware fusion
  • Bootcamp
  • Mac Windows

Before obtaining a license, you often have the possibility to download a trial version of the programme. This enables you to compare the different possibilities without any additional costs. As soon as you have made your choice, download the according software and follow the installation guide’s instructions.

The specific system requirements depend on the chosen software. In general the following conditions are recommended for the use of Windows on your Mac:
  • Processor with a clock rate of at least 1,5 GHz
  • Working memory of min. 2 GB RAM (4GB are recommended)
  • Ethernet interface, valid IP address as well as working internet access
  • DVD/CD drive
  • User license for Windows

Important: Please install an internet security application, right after putting Windows into operation on your Mac. We recommend the use of Kaspersky.

As soon as Windows is established on your Mac, AdmiCash can be downloaded and installed.
Start Internet Explorer, go to and select the page Download. Download the AdmiCash trial version and select Run. Then follow the instructions of the installation program.
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