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AdmiCash - Presentation

The base version is the central part of AdmiCash that provides all functions for accounting and the secure data transfer to the trustee. In the base version the company is created and recorded the necessary master data.

After creating the account books can be started immediately with the recorded of entries. For optimal control, AdmiCash instantly calculates the current balance. Have the account balance with the entries in the accounting books makes it all very easy and fast.

The base version AdmiCash also provides various evaluations. For a detailed list of all functions click here.  

AdmiCash is no Fibu but comfortable accounting. Therefore, you cannot create balance sheet and income statement.

AdmiCash can only create VAT invoice based on collected remuneration. If you are subject to VAT, but does not work with collected remuneration yet, it is necessary compile the form 1100-01 Request for report with collected remuneration at to the VAT administration.


The creditor version of AdmiCash facilitates the administrative work of the company, by inserting of payments simultaneously to the entries, creation of payment orders and the transfer direct to your payment institution via e-banking. When is executed the payment order, the entries are immediately inserted in the corresponding accounting book and recoverable in a single operation.

AdmiCash supports all major payment methods and those in foreign currencies. The transaction to the legislation ISO 20022 / XML is completed and available since July 2017.
The creditor version also provides standing orders and various evaluations. For a detailed list of all functions of AdmiCash-Creditor click here.

QR-Rechnung ab 01.07.2020
The debitor version of AdmiCash is a small processing of the order. Creating offers, delivery notes, order confirmations, invoices and payment reminders is a simple and fast.

The form design allows of create and test required forms that can also be created in different languages and with different payment slips.

If the article base once applied, creating invoices in a matter of minutes. The payments can be enter manually or automatically with the XML file (camt054) directly into the corresponding accounting book.

For a detailed list of all functions of AdmiCash-Debitor click here.

AdmiCash can be used without any problems if the personal computer and the infrastructure meet the requirements listed below. Some are mandatory, others recommended. You can check all of the functionality also with the free trial version AdmiCash.

General system requirements
  • Personal computer with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • At least 100 MByte free hard disk space
  • Ideal 8 MByte memory  
  • An external hard drive or a USB memory stick for data backup
  • A permanent internet connection is essential (for updates and support with telemaintenance)
  • A current anti-virus and internet security program. Free programs are recommended with reserve.
  • AdmiCash you can also use on a Mac. For more information click here.

AdmiCash Creditor Version
To enter inpayment slips, we recommend the use of an optical document reader (Dative, PayPen). The software of the document reader must be set to "Admicont, Muhmenthaler computertechnik" (of AdmiCash old).

AdmiCash Debitor Version
If you print invoices with ISR A4 form, it is recommended that a printer with two paper trays. AdmiCash controls the printer remove the last page from the tray loaded with ISR modules.

Use in a network
AdmiCash is an independent application and is designed for installation on a personal computer. Installation on a server is not provided nor recommended. For more information, see the AdmiCash Manual (F1 key) in chapter Technical specifications under the rubric File and folder structure.

AdmiCash-Trial Version

With the trial version AdmiCash, you can test free all the functions during a period of at least 30 days with only two restrictions. For accounting book are only 200 entries possible and the data transfer to the office trustee is limited to a few entries. All other functions e.g. electronic payments and processing of ISR files is unrestricted.

Here are some tips to help you find the most productive way possible, the benefits of the trial period.

  • If you want to use electronic payments, organize first the relevant contracts with the payment institution and the access data for the e-banking portal.

  • If you want to invoice with ISR slips, organize first the relevant contracts with the payment institution, the access data for the e-banking portal and A4 forms with unprinted ISR.

  • Download the trial version AdmiCash earlier this month. The trial period is valid from the first start of AdmiCash until the end of the month plus the following month. This allows you to try the program for almost two months.

  • If you opt for AdmiCash, you can order the license directly from AdmiCash. To do this, choose the menu "Company - Manage license - Order license". Fill out the order form and submit it.

  • Note that AdmiCash determines the license start date so that the trial period is really free. This date has nothing to do with your financial year, but only determines the start of the usage period of AdmiCash.

  • The license server will send you within minutes a confirmation order email with the invoice in the file attachment. After the license server waits for the receipt of payment.

  • Once the license server processes the receipt of payment, it sends you an email with the license key and the appropriate instructions.

  • All data are maintained and settings with the trial version.

  • The entire process of granting of the license is automatic. If you do not receive the confirmation email or the email license, please check your spam folder in your email program.

  • For questions or problems, please contact our support.

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