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AdmiCash - Data security
We have noticed that many AdmiCash users only attach little importance to the safety of their computers. In many cases this led to significant loss of important data and hereby to high support expenditure.

On this page, we present therefore solutions and products that guarantee the security of your device.
Nowadays a computer has to be equipped with a security program. Beside viruses and Trojans, which are distributed via the internet, direct attacks on your computer are also possible. A good Firewall is there for a must.

Kaspersky offers comprehensive protection at a moderate annual license fee. Further information is to be found on the homepage of Kaspersky, in specialized trade or directly at the manufacturer, which means any support is to be directed to the same address.
The protection of your computer is one thing, but the problem of safe data backups still isn't solved. AdmiCash offers you a proper function to create backups and restore data. The only disadvantage is that the user has to create it manually and in particular regularly on an external storage medium.

Free cloud solutions (OneDrive, DropBox) are not suitable for AdmiCash backup. You do not know where your data is stored and you do not know who else has access on your data.

A secure data backup and constantly updated is very important! For this reason, we recommend that you carefully choose between the different solutions.
Attention! When you drag a cloud solution into consideration, make sure that the chosen solution provides a good safety record. It is finally the accounting data of your company.
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